1. Project’s description

WISE DIGITAL (MĄDRZY CYFROWI) is the first nationwide program in Poland that combines moral education of students and development of their social responsibility attitudes with the increase of their digital competences. The program is conducted by the “ABCXXI-All of Poland Reads to Kids” Foundation with support of

Nowadays, nobody can imagine life and work without smartphones and the Internet. New technologies facilitate contacts and work, save time, make it possible to get the information and reach places that cannot be obtained or reached personally. But they are just the tools. We, the users, decide how and for what reasons they will be used. Therefore we need to develop an internal GPS system - a set of rules and values that help us make right decisions and behave accordingly. The development of good character and social skills combined with the expertise and wide competences in the field of new technologies constitute the necessary equipment of contemporary humans. Forming such value systems, attitudes and social sensitivity in the young generation as well as their technological fluency and efficiency are the main assumptions and the goal of the WISE DIGITAL (MĄDRZY CYFROWI) project.

As Irena Koźmińska, the President of the Foundation, says: “This program helps students become full dimensional people. In the era of digitalization and artificial intelligence it is important to convince young people that moral values matter and it is important to be honest, responsible, brave and wise both in real and virtual worlds”.

2. Framework of the Wise Digital Program

A. Online preparatory courses for Educators, which cover:

  • Moral values: respect, honesty, responsibility, courage, freedom, fairness, wisdom
  • Design Thinking Method
  • Selected digital tools like: Canva, Padlet, Thinklink, Google Documents

B. 5-day workshops for students to introduce them to:

  • the idea and importance of moral values (through reading, discussions, playing drama etc.)
  • the Design Thinking (DT) method to be used to develop plans of social projects
  • learning new digital tools to be used to create, conduct and promote student social projects - and in many further applications

C. 6-week students’ team work on social projects with the usage of newly gained knowledge on values, the DT method and new digital tools

D. Competition of student presentations of their social projects

3. Partners of the Wise Digital Project

The Honorary Patron: The National Library of Poland

  • The Information Society Development Foundation
  • The Center for Citizenship Education
  • The School with Class Foundation
  • The Rural Development Foundation
  • Super-Teachers of Poland (Super Belfrzy RP)
  • Wake Up Schools
  • I Care for my Outreach (Dbam o Mój Zasięg Foundation)
  • The Humanites Foundation

The media patronage:

  • Nationwide RMF FM Radio
  • Polska Press Grupa
  • Junior Media platform (for teens)
  • ‘Sygnał’ and ‘Dyrektor’ magazines (for teachers and school principals)
  • ‘Victor’ biweekly